About The English Tutor

Hello, and welcome to my website – Rina Kenton: The English Tutor at bestinenglish.com. It’s nice to meet you! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and about what I can offer.

To sum it up in one phrase is easy – the best in English.

I have a thorough background in English Language and Literature, as well as over thirty years’ teaching experience in high school, middle school and at the college level. I grew up in England and attended high school and college there, as both student and teacher, before moving to Arizona in the fall of 1999. I received my undergraduate degree (BAHons) at the University of Lancaster and my post-graduate teacher certification (PGCE) in English and Theater at St. Martin’s College. At the start of my teaching career I was fortunate to work in a London high school, and over the ‘London years’ taught hundreds of students from at all levels and abilities. Some were preparing for public examinations aiming for prestigious colleges, such as Oxford or Cambridge. Others were returning to school as adults, hoping to hone skills and get better jobs. Still others were simply working as hard as they could to get an ‘A’. Some didn’t want to do any work at all, but with a sense of humor and a positive attitude, I still helped them to achieve the best possible grades and results.

When I moved from London to Arizona I continued to teach, and mentored both students and teachers until the summer of 2013, when I decided to make a change and completed my final year as a full-time teacher. I also continued my own education at Arizona State University and received a Masters in Liberal Studies (MLSt) with a strong emphasis on writing, in 2008.

Making the change from teacher to tutor feels like the best of all worlds. I am a passionate teacher and I love my work – the teaching part and the topic part. The best thing about tutoring, however, is the one-to-one relationship which allows me to tailor each session to the student. This way I can put across my passion for reading and writing, my love of teaching and learning, and also my extensive knowledge of all aspects of English. I can also plan each session to be exactly what the student needs, and work towards the best possible outcome, whether the student is preparing for high school, or college.

That’s me – I am an English-American, and I tutor English – I guess that makes me The English Tutor!