Dear Parents,

Looking for just the right tutor?

You have come to the right place. I am glad you decided to visit my website: Rina Kenton: The English Tutor at Let me take a moment to share my philosophy on what a good English tutor can do for a developing student. A personal English tutor can guide a young person towards the highest possible standards in reading, writing and communication. Here’s how I can help your young student:

  • Conversation – Ask a question of a class of thirty students and there’s only time for maybe two or three students to speak. How often will your youngster have a chance to articulate thoughts and express ideas during a normal classroom session? Sitting with a young person in a quiet and comfortable situation, a tutor works one-on-one, modeling good language and speech patterns, teaching the student how to express complex ideas, while providing the vocabulary to do so. Most importantly, a tutor can teach listening skills, encouraging further discussion and enabling the student to develop an argument, support a theory and challenge or explore ideas.
  • Writing support – Students learn the writing process in elementary school, but often they are expected to adapt and develop further writing skills ‘by osmosis’ without explicit teaching. Teens who are good writers sometimes get stuck in a particular style and find it hard to develop their individual ‘voice.’ Students who find writing challenging often lack the grammar and vocabulary necessary to move forward. For the class teacher it’s necessarily about grades, but a personal tutor tailors the teaching of writing to the learner and can move a student forward with positive reinforcement and mentoring. The key to writing success is vocabulary, and that’s why all my tutoring sessions contain some explicit vocabulary teaching, so that the student’s language repertoire grows with every session.
  • boyreadingReading for Life – There are many arguments as to why students should read books, and good books at that! However, there is no doubt that many students stop reading for  leasure while in high school due to the requirements of a full schedule of classes, homework, sports or other demands on time. In addition, many students who continue to read for fun will be continuing to read low level books which provide the relaxation but don’t move them on as readers. A great tutor can help students make sense of their designated reading for English class, and also help to develop reading strategies and skills for when the reading gets tough. A tutor who reads for pleasure can also instill the love of reading which may have fallen by the wayside. There’s nothing more helpful to a student needing reading development than a mentor who loves to read, and to talk about books.


All in all, my many years of teaching and my experience with young students enable me to work successfully with students at all levels, instilling a growing confidence and developing skills necessary for tests, term papers, SATs, college entry and even more. Most importantly, I want to get to know your student and for him or her to enjoy the tutoring sessions. Click here to contact me, send me a note and let’s talk about how I can help your student to be the best in English.