Hey, Students!

Why work with a tutor?

I have been a teacher for a long time. This experience, from middle school through to the college level, has given me insights into the challenges that students like you  will face across an ordinary day in school. Trust me – I know what it’s like!

Huge Backpack

Managing all your schoolwork, homework, after school activities, family and personal time is a delicate balancing act which can cause a lot of stress. And that’s without all the organization needed to have everything in the right place at the right time – homework, papers, books, charged laptop – the list goes on and on. Maybe you’re one of the students who has the knack of dealing with all this organization. Maybe you need some regular help and support, even though you are in upper middle or high school, and are expected to do it all yourself. Where needed, part of the role of the tutor is to be a role model, helper and mentor, teaching life strategies alongside academics.

Whether English is your favorite subject, or the one from which you emerge more confused than when you went in, there’s always room for improvement. Despite everything we see around us, texting, Facebook, and all the morass of social media, there’s no doubt that colleges and employers value the ability to communicate above all else. All the technical knowhow in the world will only go so far in ensuring that you become an articulate, confident young adult, ready to enter college and the workplace. By investing an hour a week in honing your English skills, you’re demonstrating that you care about being the best you can be. And actually… what’s not to enjoy about having a designated time each week where someone is focused entirely on you?