Reading and Literature

In upper middle and high school, reading means something rather different from what it meant when you were learning your ABCs. It’s more than simply decoding a story, or following a thread of informational text. Now you have to read more than what is on the page. It’s about how and why the author writes. It’s about how we read what’s between the lines of text. And it’s also about how you, as the reader, respond and what you  bring to your shared relationship with the author. Sometimes required reading can be a real challenge!

In those earlier days, the important thing was that you could support your likes and dislikes with a few sentences? Not so easy now is it? Suddenly you have to write in depth, and the Internet is so full of ‘helpful stuff’ that you don’t know how to sort it out without stealing everyone else’s ideas by mistake.

I can help you find your way through challenging texts that may be out of your comfort zone. Also, I will share with you a passion for reading and teach you a mindset for your own reading. You will have a roadmap for finding your way into a text even though it seemed to be impenetrable at first.


Practical matters like vocabulary and style don’t have to be roadblocks to understanding. Whatever the text or task, we can work it out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a novel, a play or a poem. It could be a speech, a newspaper report or a blog. Whatever the text, I can help you to dig below the surface, to uncover the meaning that lies behind the language. Mostly you’re likely to be asked to read a text with a view to writing about it. When it comes to literature, my eyes light up as it’s one of my favorite areas and I love to work with students on both the reading and the writing aspects of literary criticism. You will be able to approach term papers with a new level of confidence. Most importantly, I can make your learning, and our time together, relaxed and fun, ensuring that we work at a pace and level of challenge which is right for you.