A solid understanding of written communication is at the core of good grades – and it’s a core skill for the real world too! It’s hard to be an effective critic of your own writing when you’re uncertain how to improve it. I can help you in three important areas:

  • Structure – each piece of writing should be structured according to its purpose. I work with students to build and practice different forms and styles, clearly defining the persuasive essay, research paper, college essay or personal narrative – whatever the students need.
  • Vocabulary – to write well, students must extend their knowledge and vocabulary in order to understand the nuances of meaning that language choices offer.
  • Style – a great writer has a recognizable voice! Whether fact or fiction, persuasive or poetic, personality and style is what lifts a piece of writing above the ordinary. Voice is what enables a reader to engage with a piece of text. With my guided tutoring you will find your voice and allow it to come to the forefront. The change in quality of your writing will be thrilling.


Our work on writing will help you across all your school subjects, whether it is a math essay question, a science lab or a social studies research paper. So the improvement in your writing skills brings benefits far beyond English classes.